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  Research Seminar of Prof. Kris Matyjaszewski and Prof. Alan Russell from Carnegie Mellon Univers... 2017/06/20
  Research Seminar of Prof. Xue Jiangeng from University of Florida 2017/06/15
  Research Seminar of Dr Ji Xiulei from Oregon State University 2017/06/12
  Research Seminar of Prof. Wenyu Huang from Iowa State University 2017/05/31
  Research Seminar of Prof. Gao Hanwei from Florida State University 2017/05/31
  Research Seminar of Dr. Xiaoyuan Chen from NIH 2017/05/22
  Research Seminar of Dr. Kirk S. Schanze from University of Texas at San Antonio 2017/05/18
  Research Seminar of Prof. Zhang Lijun from Jilin University 2017/05/16
  Research Seminar of Dr. LIU Ye from Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore 2017/05/15
  Research Seminar of Dr. Savas Delikanli from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 2017/05/02
  Research Seminar of Prof. Hua Gui Yang from East China University of Science and Technology 2017/05/02
  Research Seminar of Prof. Ka-Leung Wong from Hong Kong Baptist University 2017/04/20
  Research Seminar of Prof. Jean Claude G. Bünzli from Hong Kong Baptist University 2017/04/20
  Research Seminar of Prof. Deng Renren from Zhejiang University 2017/04/06
  Research Seminar of Rector Jehangir Bashar and Prof. Karimov Khasan from GIK Institute of Enginee... 2017/04/05

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