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  Research Seminar of Prof. Hu Jinlian from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2018/11/09
  Research Seminar of Prof. Shi Haibin from Soochow University 2018/11/09
  Research Seminar of Prof. Ye Deju from Nanjing University 2018/11/09
  Research Seminar of Prof. Tan Pingheng from Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Scien... 2018/10/19
  Research Seminar of Prof. Juewen Liu from University of Waterloo 2018/10/17
  Research Seminar of Prof. Li Hongbin from University of British 2018/10/10
  Research Seminar of Prof. Giuseppe Battaglia from University College London (UCL) 2018/09/19
  Research Seminar of Dr. Feng Wang from City University of Hong Kong 2018/08/14
  Research Seminar of Prof. Henning Sirringhaus from Cavendish Laboratory 2018/08/12
  Research Seminar of Prof. Samson A. Jenekhe from the University of Washington 2018/08/10
  Research Seminar of Dr. Xiaoyang Xu from New Jersey Institute of Technology 2018/07/28
  Research Seminar of Dr. Tawfique Hasan from Cambridge University 2018/07/24
  Research Seminar of Prof. SonBinh T. Nguyen from Northwestern University 2018/06/21
  Research Seminar of Prof. Aung Ko Ko Kyaw from Southern University of Science and Technology 2018/06/11
  Research Seminar of Prof. Paul Clegg from University of Edinburgh 2018/06/05

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