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Prof. CHENG Yingchun

Prof. CHENG Yingchun



Address: 5 Xin Mo Fan Road, Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing 210009, China


谷歌 Scholar:

Research Interests

First-principles Calculation/Two-dimensional materials/Perovskite Materials/Lithium and Sodium Ion Batteries/Material Genomes/Topological Phase Transition in Solid State Materials

Biographical Information

2001.09-2005.06: Bachelor of Science; Nanjing University.

2005.09-2010.06: PhD; Nanjing University.

2010.08-2014.09: Postdoc, Research Scientist; King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia (KAUST).

2014.10-2015.09: Postdoc; University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), USA.

2015.10-      : Professor; Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing Tech University.

Academic Achievements

Prof. CHENG Yingchun focuses on the research of electronic, optical and magnetic properties of two dimensional materials and novel semiconductors. Meanwhile, he collaborates with other team on topological insulator, energy storage material, perovskite and so on. He has over 80 publications, such as Nat. Nano., Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. B, Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, Nano Lett. and Appl. Phys. Lett. He is the PI of two grants from National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

Selected Publications:

1. Y. C. Cheng, Z. Y. Zhu, W. B. Mi, Z. B. Guo and U. Schwingenschl?gl, Prediction of two-dimensional diluted magnetic semiconductors: Doped monolayer MoS2 systems, Physical Review B 2013, 87, (10), 100401.

2. Y. C. Cheng, Q. Y. Zhang and U. Schwingenschl?gl, Valley polarization in magnetically doped single-layer transition-metal dichalcogenides, Physical Review B 2014, 89, (15), 155429.

3. Y. C. Cheng, A. M. Nie, Q. Y. Zhang, R. Shahbazian-Yassar and U. Schwingenschl?gl, Origin of the Phase Transition in Lithiated Molybdenum Disulfide, ACS Nano 2014, 8, (11), 11447-11453.

4. A. M. Nie, Y. C. Cheng, Y. H. Zhu, H. Asayesh-Ardakani, R. Tao, F. Mashayek, Y. Han, U. Schwingenschlogl, R. F. Klie, S. Vaddiraju and R. Shahbazian-Yassar, Lithiation-Induced Shuffling of Atomic Stacks, Nano Letters 2014, 14, (9), 5301-5307.

5. Y. C. Cheng, A. M. Nie, L.-Y. Gan, Q. Y. Zhang and U. Schwingenschl?gl, A global view of the phase transitions of SnO2 in rechargeable batteries based on results of high throughput calculations, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015, 3, (38), 19483-19489.


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