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Nobel laureate Robert Huber Visited Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM)

Nobel laureate Robert Huber Visited Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM)


Nobel laureate Robert Huber visited Buffer Base for Overseas Talents (Institute of Advanced Materials) at C501 of Science and Innovation Building in 26th October, 2016. President and Academician Huang Wei, Deputy Dean of Graduate School Prof. Dong Xiaochen and Deputy Head of Institute of Advanced Materials Prof. Huo Fengwei attended the bilateral meeting with other attendees from Buffer Base for Overseas Talents (Institute of Advanced Materials).

During the Bilateral meeting, Prof. Huo Fengwei introduced the basic biography of Prof. Robert Huber. Prof. Huber was the Director at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry until his retirement in 2005. In addition, He is the Guest Professor and Honorary Professor of many world-famous universities. In 2012, He visited Nanjing Tech University and was appointed as NanjingTech Honorary Professor. Prof. Robert Huber research focuses on structural biology and has high reputation worldwide for his outstanding contribution in his frontier research. He, for the first time, discovered the three-dimensional structure of the photosynthetic reaction and demonstrated structure characteristics of Protein complexes. For his tremendous research contribution, he has been honored by numerous prizes and awards in bio-science and medical science such as the Otto-Warburg Medal, the Emil von Behring Medal, the Sir Hans Krebs Medal, the Linus Pauling Medal, Max Tishler Prize. In 1988 he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry jointly with Johann Deisenhofer and Hartmut Michel for pioneering achievement in first crystallizing an intra-membrane protein important in photosynthesis in purple bacteria, and subsequently applying X-ray crystallography to elucidate the protein's structure. After that, Prof. Huo Fengwei briefly introduced the Buffer Base for Overseas Talents (Institute of Advanced Materials, IAM) on construction history, discipline platform, faculties, academic achievements and global cooperation.

Prof. Robert Huber further communicated and discussed with the young scholars from Buffer Base for Overseas Talents (Institute of Advanced Materials). Prof. Huang Xiao, Prof. Li Lin, Prof. Yu Haidong, Prof. Dong Xiaochen and other professors presented their representative research progress, respectively. Prof. Huber responded to the report one by one combining his self-experiences. He expressed his expectations to the young scholars that they can promote their research results to industrialization. In addition, Prof. Huber illustrated that young scholars should be adept in listening, reading and communicating, have open vision and innovation view, and perform more actual deeds in suited fields and active research group.

In the end of the meeting, President and Academician Huang Wei presented a souvenir to Prof. Huber. What's more, Prof. Huber will cooperate with NanjingTech to construct a Health Institute temporarily named as "Huber-Huang Health Institute (H3I)" which will promote the rapid development of NanjingTech on the fields of Health Science.


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