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Prof. DU Zhenggong of NTHU visited Nanjing Tech University

Prof. DU Zhenggong of NTHU visited Nanjing Tech University

Prof. DU Zhenggong of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University visited Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing Tech University on 3rd November, 2015. Prof. Du delivered a two-hour academic report at the invitation of Prof. GONG Jianming. President and Academician Huang Wei and Vice-president Gong Jianming attended the meeting. The academic meeting was held by Prof. Huo Fengwei.

At the academic meeting, Vice-president Gong Jianming made a speech and introduced the academic experiences of Prof. Du Zhenggong. He also pointed out that under the lead of President Huang Wei and the joint efforts of all the members, Nanjing Tech University has obtained considerable development in talent cultivation and scientific research. Vice-president Gong hopes that our university can enhance the deep collaboration with Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and promote the development of our university.

Prof. Du delivered the academic report on "Materials of novel lithium ion battery and their development". He deeply introduced the relevant information of battery research and battery industry. Besides, Prof. Du shared the newest research results of his group. Based on the report, he also talked kindly with students about research methods.

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