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Research Seminar of Dr. Alex Zhang from Nature Publishing Group

Research Seminar of Dr. Alex Zhang from Nature Publishing Group

Lecture Time: 09:30 on 27th April, 2016

Lecture Room: C501 of National Sicence Park

Lecture Title: Nature Energy – a new Nature journal

Dr. Alex Zhang

Editor-in-Chief, Nature Energy


Nature Energy has published its first content in January 2016. The journal is interested in all aspects of energy, from its generation and storage, to its distribution and management, the needs and demands of the different actors involved, and the impacts that energy technologies and policies have on different societies. We have a particular interest in studies that advance our knowledge and inform the development of next-generation technologies and solutions. Nature Energy aims to provide a forum for all parties active at the frontiers of energy to come together and learn about the different facets of this sector. In this talk I'll try to explain what we are looking for at Nature Energy.


Changjun, also known as Alex, joined Nature Publishing Group in March 2013 as an editor for Nature Communications, where he handled a broad range of subjects in energy storage and conversion, surface science, and materials chemistry. He moved to Nature Energy in August 2015 as a founding editor for the journal. Changjun received a PhD in surface catalysis from Queen’s university Belfast. He later worked in postdoctoral positions at University College London and University of Cambridge, where his research interest expands to energy production and storage.

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