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IAM Sparkling Lecture IV: Prof. Jenny Nelson from Imperial College London Visited

IAM Sparkling Lecture IV: Prof. Jenny Nelson from Imperial College London Visited

Lecture Time: 14:30 on 24th June, 2016

Lecture Room: C501 of National Science Park

Lecture Title: Exploring the Origin of High Optical Absorption in Conjugated Polymers

Jenny Nelson

Imperial College London


Jenny Nelson is a Professor of Physics at Imperial College London, where she has researched novel varieties of material for use in solar energy conversion since 1989. She studied Physics at the universities of Cambridge (BA, 1983) and Bristol (PhD, 1988) before starting research into nanostructured materials for novel solar cells at Imperial College London in 1989, as the first Greenpeace Fellow. Her current research is focussed on understanding the properties of molecular and hybrid semiconductor materials and their application to solar cells. This work combines fundamental electrical, spectroscopic and structural studies of molecular electronic materials with numerical modelling and device studies, with the aim of optimising device performance. She also works with the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial to explore the mitigation potential of renewable energy technologies, and currently leads the Institute’s Mitigation team. She was awarded the Institute of Physics Joule Prize in 2009 and the Royal Society Armoureres’ and Brasiers’ Company Prize in 2012 and was selected as a RISE Leader by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in 2014. She is an ISI Highly Cited Researcher (2014 and 2015) and has published over 250 articles in peer reviewed journals, several book chapters and a book on The Physics of Solar Cells. She was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, and as Fellow of the Institute of Physics, in 2014.

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