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Research Seminar of Prof. Cheng Zhongyang from Auburn University
Research Seminar of Prof. Cheng Zhongyang from Auburn University


Lecture Time: 15:30 on 7th November, 2016

Lecture Room: B113 of Science and Innovation Building

Lecture Title: Dielectric 0-3 Composites – Property and Physics


Zhongyang (Z.-Y.) Cheng, Ph.D.

Professor, Materials Eng. / Mechanical Eng.

Materials Research and Education Center

Auburn University

Auburn, AL 36849-5341, USA


Dielectrics are the key materials for all IC circuits, electronic packages, and energy storage devices as well as flexible electronics.  To develop new dielectrics with unique properties for different applications, 0-3 composites, especially polymer-based dielectric 0-3 composites, have been extensively studied in recent years.  In this talk, some applications will be discussed first to promote the materials development. The recent developments in dielectric 0-3 composites including materials and fabrication processes are presented along with the challenges for further developments. Finally, the physics behind the properties of dielectric composites is presented. The shortcomings of current understandings are discussed along new experimental results.  


(a).  Professional Preparation
Xian Jiaotong University, Physics, B.S. (1983)
Xian Jiaotong University, Electronic Materials and Components M.S. (1988)
Xian Jiaotong University, Electronic Engineering, Ph.D (1995)
Pennsylvania State University, Electroactive Polymers, 03/98-12/99
University of Puerto Rico, Smart Materials, 05/96-02/98

(b). Appointments
08/11-present Professor, Materials Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 
01/05-present Assistant Director, Auburn University Detection and Food Safety Center, Auburn University
08/07-08/11 Associate Professor, Materials Engineering / Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
08/02-08/07 Assistant Professor, Materials Engineering / Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
01/00-07/02 Research Associate, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
05/95-05/96 Visiting Scientist, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin, D-10587, Germany 
07/88-05/95 Assistant Professor, Xian Jiaotong University, Xian, China

(c). Publications: More than 100 peer reviewed journal articles with an H-index of 34; 6 U.S. patents

Selected papers

L. Zhang, X. Shan, P. Bass, Y. Tong, T.D. Rolin, C.W. Hill, J.C. Brewer, D.S. Tucker, and Z.-Y. Cheng, "Process and microstructure to achieve ultra-high dielectric constant in ceramic-polymer composites," Scientific Reports 6, 35763 (2016)

L. Zhang, Z. Liu, X. Lu, G. Yang, X. Zhang, and Z.-Y. Cheng, " Nano-clip based composites with a low percolation threshold and high dielectric constant," Nano Energy 26, 550-557 (2016)

L. Zhang, P. Bass, Z.-Y. Cheng, “Physical aspects of 0-3 dielectric composites,” Journal of Advanced Dielectrics, Vol 5(2), 1550012 (2015).

L. Zhang, P.W. Wu, Y.T. Li, Z.-Y. Cheng, and J.C. Brewer, “Preparation process and dielectric properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 – P(VDF-CTFE) nanocomposites,” Composites Part B: Engineering, Vol. 56, 284-289 (2014).

L. Zhang, P. Bass, Z.-Y. Cheng, “Revisiting the percolation phenomena in dielectric composites with conducting fillers,” Applied Physics Letters 105, 042905 (2014).
L. Zhang, P. Bass, Z.-Y. Cheng, “Physical aspects of 0-3 dielectric composites,” Journal of Advanced Dielectrics, Vol 5(2), 1550012 (2015). 

Z.-Y. Cheng and Q.M. Zhang, “Field Actuated Electroactive Polymers,” MRS (Materials Research Society) Bulletin 3(3), 183-187 (2008).
M. Arbatti, Xiaobing Shan, and Z.-Y. Cheng, “Novel Ceramic-Polymer Composites with High Dielectric Constant,” Advanced Materials 19, 1369-1372 (2007).

Z.M. Li, Y.H. Wang, and Z.-Y. Cheng, “Electromechanical Properties of Poly(vinylidene-fluoride-chlorotrifluoroethylene) Copolymer,” Applied Physics Letters 88, 062904 (2006).
C. Huang, R. Klein, F. Xia, H. Li, Q.M. Zhang, F. Bauer, and Z.-Y. Cheng, “Poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) based High Performance Electroactive Polymers,” IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 11(2), 299-311 (2004).

Q.M. Zhang, H.Li, M. Poh, F.Xia, Z.-Y. Cheng, H.Xu, and C. Huang, “An All-Organic Composite Actuator Material with a High Dielectric Constant”, Nature419, pp.284-287 (2002).
Z.–Y. Cheng, R. S. Katiyar, X. Yao, and A. S. Bhalla, "Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Constant of Relaxor Ferroelectrics", Physical Review B57, 8166 (1998). 

(d). Synergistic Activities
? Faculty Research Award, Auburn Alumni Engineering Council, 2007; 3M Faculty Award, 2005-2008. 
? Symposium Organizer: MRS Full Meeting on Polymer based Smart Materials (2005, 2006, 2008, and 2010) .
? Conference Chairs:  Micro(MEMS) and Nanotechnology for Defense and Security, SPIE Symposium on Defense and Security (2006, 2007, and 2008); 
Adaptive, Active and Multifunctional Smart Materials Systems, CIMTEC (International Conferences on Modern Materials and Technologies) 2012. 
? Member of International Advisory Board: Electroactive Polymers: Advances in Materials and Devices, CIMTEC 2016, CIMTEC 2012; CIMTEC 2008);  Semiconducting & Insulating Materials Conference (SIMC) XIV (2007); First World Congress on Biomimetics and Artificial Muscles (2003); SPIE Defense & Security Executive Committee member, SPIE (2006 -2008).
? Member of Editorial Board: Journal of Advanced Dielectrics (2010-); Metallurgical and Materials Transactions(2002-); Scientific Journals International (2006-2009); The American Editor: Journal of Advanced Physics (2014-).

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