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Research Seminar of Prof. Wei Dahai from Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

Research Seminar of Prof. Wei Dahai from Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

Lecture Time: 14:00 on 21st December, 2017

Lecture Room: C501 of Science and Innovation Building

Wei Dahai

Institute of Semiconductors, CAS


Spin Hall effect (SHE) and its inverse enable the interconversion between charge and spin currents with strong spin-orbit interaction, and have been widely used for the the generation and detection of spin currents. In this talk, I will present two of experimental works on the spin currents and spin Hall effect. One is the SHE in a weak ferromagnetic metal in the vicinity of the magnetic phase transition where the spin-/charge- currents conversion reflects a nonlinear magnetic susceptibility. It shows that the spin current could be used as a sensor for detecting small magnetic fluctuations. The other is the large SHE of a.c. spin current generated by the spin pumping in a hetrostructure. Such a.c. spin current is at least one order of magnitude larger than the d.c.ones, could significant improve the efficiency of spin pumping and related spintronic devices.

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