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Research Seminar of Prof. Wang Xun from Tsinghua University
Research Seminar of Prof. Wang Xun from Tsinghua University


Lecture Time: 09:00 on 20th April, 2018

Lecture Room: C502 of Science and Innovation Building

Lecture Title:Sub-1nm Ultrathin Nanocrystals: Phase Stability and Their 


Wang Xun

Tsinghua University



When their sizes approach near 1nm, the surface atoms in ultrathin nanostructures will become dominant as compared with those in bulk or traditional nanocrystals with bigger sizes. As a result, the influence of surface effects on the inherent properties of the whole structure will become more remarkable. In this talk, we will present the synthesis of ultrathin nanocrystals as well as their size- and surface-dependent phase-stabilities. TiO2(B)  nanosheets with atomic thickness were synthesized for the first time which show tunable phase stability and bandgap properties. As a model system, TiO2(B) was chosen to demonstrate their surface-coverage dependent properties. Heteronanostructures like Ni-Co complex/1T MoS2were constructed to show multifunctional catalytic properties for full water splitting. The hydrazine-induced phase transition of 2H-MoS2to 1-T MoS2will be discussed.


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