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Research Seminar of Prof. Wu Xuejun from Nanjing University, Prof. Cao Xiehong from Zhejiang University of Technology and Prof. Hong Xun from University of Science and Technology of China
Research Seminar of Prof. Wu Xuejun from Nanjing University, Prof. Cao Xiehong from Zhejiang University of Technology and Prof. Hong Xun from University of Science and Technology of China

Lecture Time: 14:00 on 20th April, 2018

Lecture Room: C501 of Science and Innovation Building

Lecturer: Wu Xuejun

Lecture Title: 2D Colloidal Semiconductor Nanoplates and Their Derived Heterostructures

Lecturer: Cao Xiehong

Lecturer: Hong Xun

Lecture Title: Single Atom Alloys and their Catalytic Properties


Wu Xuejun

Nanjing University


Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor nanostructures have been emerging as an important class of nanomaterials because of their unique optical and electrical properties and various potential applications in optoelectronic devices and photocatalysts. In this talk, I will introduce our recent research progress on the controlled synthesis of 2D non-layered colloidal semiconductor nanoplates with tailored compositions, from binary to ternary or even quaternary compounds. Next, some novel heterostructures derived from 2D colloidal nanoplates will be presented, including hierarchical heterostructures with complex architectures, and the heterostructures rationally combined layered and non-layered materials. Finally, the challenge and future directions on the controlled synthesis of heterostructures will be proposed.

Hong Xun

University of Science and Technology of China


The properties of noble metals may greatly differ from their bulk as the size reduces to subnanometer or atomic level. In this talk, I will introduce the recent research on the synthesis of novel bimetallic catalysts at atomic scale in my group. It includes the synthesis of ordered porous Pd octahedra covered with monolayer Ru atoms[1], atomically dispersed Ru on ultrathin Pd Nanoribbons[2], Cu-Pt dual sites alloyed ultrathin Pd nanorings[3], ultrathin Pd nanomeshes[4], and epitaxial growth of atomic layer Ru on ultrathin Pd nanosheets. Importantly, the above novel bimetallic structures exhibited excellent catalytic properties in terms of semihydrogenation of alkynes, chemoselective hydrogenation, hydrogen evolution reaction and oxygen evolution reaction. More recently, we have developed a general method for the synthesis of amorphous noble metal and metal oxide nanosheets.

Keywords:Noble metal,Bimetal,Single atoms, Amorphous


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