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Research Seminar of Prof. Fan Zhiyong from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Research Seminar of Prof. Fan Zhiyong from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Lecture Time: 10:30 on 24th March, 2019

Lecture Room: C501 of Science and Innovation Building

Lecture Title: Rational Design ofNanostructuresforHigh-performance Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices

Fan Zhiyong

Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Materials made of nano/micro-structures have unique physical properties, such as fast carrier transport, high surface-to-volume ratio, mechanical flexibility, sub-wavelength optical waveguiding,etc. These intriguing properties can be harnessed for a variety of applications in electronics and photonics. In the past, we have fabricated an assortment of arrayed nanostructures consist of nanowires, nanopillars, nanocones, etc., using a variety of materials from inorganic semiconductorsto organometal perovskite materials. These nanomaterials can be fabricated with chemical vapor deposition method and/or printable method with scalability. The optical properties of these nanostructures have been systematically investigated and the mechanism of photon management was revealed. Meanwhile, the materials have been fabricated into various electronic devices, including sensors, light emitting diode and solar cells. The study has shown that three-dimensionally (3-D) arrayed nanostructures can help to improve device energy conversion efficiency as well as the mechanical flexibility. However, proper structural optimization is not trivial. Meanwhile, using printable method and template guided growth method, semiconductor nanomaterials have been fabricated into 3-D arrays for high density device applications.Overall, the nanostructure integration methodology that we developed may enable many applications on integrated electronics and optoelectronics in the future.


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