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Research Seminar of Dr. Jiqing Sun from Matter, Cell Press

Research Seminar  of Dr. Jiqing Sun from Matter, Cell Press

Lecture  Time:  10:00 on 15th April, 2019

Lecture Room: C501   of Science and Innovation Building

Lecture  Title: Publishing with Cell Press in Material  Science

Dr. Jiqing Sun

Matter, Cell Press


Matteris launched by Cell Press, sister journal to Cell, Chem and Joule. It is launched to publish high-profile papers in the field of material science, providing a platform for the innovative material papers from all fields, including bio-material, energy material and optical material, etc. The scope ofMatteris based on the general field of material science, from nano to macro, fundamentals to application, encompassing the previously unknown and the innovative. As the flagship journal of Cell Press,Matteraims to be one of the leading journals in the material field, guiding the development of innovative materials. The first issue will be released in July 2019.

Outline of the talk

1. Cell Press and the Journal Introduction

2. In house editorial and peer review process

3. Editor's insights


2019. 3-present     Assistant Editor of Matter, Cell Press

2014. 8-2018. 8      Ph.D. in Philosophy, Griffith University

2012. 9-2019. 1      Ph.D. in Material Science, NCNST, CAS

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