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Research Seminar of Prof. W. David Wei from University of Florida

Research Seminar of Prof. W. David Wei from University of Florida

Lecture Time:  10:00 on 10th July, 2019

Lecture Room: B113 of Science and Innovation Building

Lecture Title: Plasmon-Mediated Surface Chemistry

W. David Wei

University of Florida


Using sunlight to facilitate and promote valuable chemical reactions is an ideal solution to the challenge of meeting future energy demands. Plasmonic nanostructures boast broadly tunable optical properties coupled with catalytically active surfaces that offer a unique opportunity for solar photochemistry. Resonant optical excitation of surface plasmons produces energetic hot charge carriers that can be collected to facilitate chemical reactions. This talk will show that we unambiguously reveal the mechanics of plasmon-mediated electron transfer (PMET) in Au/TiO2 heterostructures under visible light (λ > 515 nm) during in situ operation and further discuss how we directly probe the relaxation dynamics and energetics of the transferred “effective hot electrons” that participate in photocatalytic reactions. Strategies will be developed for the rational design and construction of a new class of multi-component solar photocatalysts. Finally, I will touch on our recent effort to use SPR-mediated photothermal effects to synthesize hybrid bimetallic nanomaterials and then use these nanomaterials to oxidize CO in the presence of visible light.


W. David Wei currently is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florida working in analytical, physical, and materials chemistry with research interests in novel electronic and optical properties of metallic and semiconductor nanomaterials and their applications in solar energy harvesting, conversion and storage; visible-light photocatalysis; and chemical and biological detection

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