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IAM Sparkling Lecture I: Prof. Patrick W. Fowler from the University of Sheffield Visited

IAM Sparkling Lecture I: Prof. Patrick W. Fowler from the University of Sheffield Visited


Prof. Patrick W. Fowler, invited by Academician and President Huang Wei, from the University of Sheffield visited Nanjing Tech University and delivered an academic report for the first IAM Sparkling Lecture on 7th December, 2015. The seminar was held by Prof. Wang Jianpu, vice director of Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM).

Prof. Patrick W. Fowler was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2012 as the outstanding achievements in the field of physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry. Besides, he has achieved plenty of awards including RSC Corday-Morgan Medal (1992), Royal-Society-Wolfson Research Merit Award (2004-2009).

During the IAM Sparkling Lecture, Prof. Patrick W. Fowler introduced his new calculating result that allows estimation of currents on the perimeter of a benzenoid using possibly the simplest valence concept: the Pauling bond, entitled "Graph Theory on the Edge of Chemistry: Bond Orders and Ring Currents". In addition, he wittily shared the research ideas and experiences of their team and communicated with all the attendees about the further research plan.

As reported, IAM Sparkling Lecture is the public-welfare high-end academic lecture series created by Buffer Base for Overseas Talents (Institute of Advanced Materials) of Nanjing Tech University. IAM Sparkling Lecture is aimed at providing the academic communicating chances with domestic and international academic leading researchers for all the teachers and students in IAM. The lecture series will promote the development of research ability and international academic platform.


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