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IAM Sparkling Lecture XII: Academician Huang Yonggang from Northwestern University Visited

IAM Sparkling Lecture XII: Academician Huang Yonggang from Northwestern University Visited


Academician of National Academy of Engineering Prof. Huang Yonggang from Northwestern University, invited by President and Academician Huang Wei, visited Nanjing Tech University and delivered an academic lecture for IAM Sparkling Lecture on July 5, 2017. The seminar was held by Prof. Wang Jianpu, Deputy Director of Institute of Advanced Materials, in C502, Science and Innovation Building. President and Academician Huang Wei, Prof. Zhao Yonggang, Prof. Huang Ling, Prof. Liu Juqing attended with students from Buffer Base for Overseas Talents (Institute of Advanced Materials, IAM).

Prof. Huang Yonggang delivered a lecture named as "Stretchable Electronics". He introduced their research on stretchable silicon and its applications to stretchable and foldable circuits, electronic-eye camera, semi-transparent and flexible LED, epidermal electronics, dissolvable electronics, injectable, cellular-scale optoelectronics, and soft, microfluidic assemblies of sensors, circuits and radios. Prof. Huang Yonggang encouraged young scholars to develop interdisciplinary research. The lecture was interesting and profound and attracted the strong interests of attendees. After the wonderful lectures, President and Academician Huang Wei awarded Prof. Huang Yonggang the IAM Sparkling Lecture Certificate.

As reported, Prof. Huang Yonggang and his father, Academician Huang Kezhi from Tsinghua Unviersity, were conferred as honorary professors in July 2016.

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