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2016 Young Scholars Symposium on Polymer Science

2016 Young Scholars' Symposium on Polymer Science


2016 Young Scholars' Symposium on Polymer Science, organized by department of chemical sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and undertaken by Nanjing Tech University, was solemn held at C502, National Science Park in Nanjing Tech University. Dean of department of chemical sciences, NSFC, Academician Zhang Xi, President and Academician Huang Wei, Academician An Lijia from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Wang Yuzhong from Sichuan University, Director of department of chemical sciences, NSFC, Dong Jianhua, and Prof. Liu Dongsheng from Tsinghua University attended the Symposium. There are 59 lecture speakers from over 30 universities and research institutes such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Jilin University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Insititute of Chemistry, CAS, Nanjing Tech University and so on. The Syposium reviewed the development of polymer science, looked forward to the future development tendency, and achieved a great success.

Director of department of chemical sciences, NSFC, Dong Jianhua hosted the opening ceremony of the Symposium. He pointed out that the aim of science is to explore the secret of nature, reveal the scientific law and research the frontier technology. He hoped that the young scholars can broaden the view, enrich their knowledge and strengthen the contacts via the Symposium. The Vice-President Prof. Gong Jianhua gave an opening speech as the representative of NanjingTech.

The Symposium started with the wonderful seminar by Academician Zhang Xi entitled "From whom I can learn the most". Through the humorous lecture, he pointed out the importance of cross-cultural communication and interdisciplinary communication. After that, the great lectures and exchange interactions among young scholars got the guidance of Academician Zhang Xi, Academician Huang Wei, Academician An Lijia, Academician Wang Yuzhong and Prof. Liu Dongsheng and so forth. Young scholars benefit quite a lot from the earnestly and tirelessly guidance from the experts.

As the representative of Nanjing Tech University, President and Academician Huang Wei attended the Symposium whole journey. He shared his experiences and research attainment to all the young scholars around "concentration, query, sharing, insistence, diligent, pursuing the truth, cooperation, cross-discipline and surpassing". In addition, he hoped all the young scholars can keep a healthy, positive and sunny mentality, establish Chinese fields and breed great breakthrough.

2016 Young Scholars' Symposium on Polymer Science aimed to establish an academic communication platform for young scholars, promote the collaborative innovation of polymer science fields, and push the development of related science. On the close ceremony, Director Dong Jianhua encouraged the young scholars to enhance the consciousness of innovation, dare to overcome psychological inertia, strengthen the cooperation, and make efforts to increase the international influence of China.

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