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2016 International Forum on Advanced Materials

2016 International Forum on Advanced Materials


2016 International Forum on Advanced Materials, organized by department of chemical engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering, CAE, Chinese Materials Research Society and Academic Union on Materials, was solemn held in Nanjing from September 24 to September 26, 2016. Academician Zhou Lian, Academician Gan Yong, Academician Huang Boyun and Academician Huang Wei take the chair, while Vice-President Wang Tiejun from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Prof. Xu Zhongzi from Nanjing Tech University and Secretary-general Han Yafang from Chinese Materials Research Society take the executive chairman. The frontier and international forum set 12 sub forums in 16 venues including "Outstanding Young Scientists", "Nano Materials and Technology", "Photocatalytic Frontier", "Energy Materials", "Material Interface, Micro-nano", "Composite Materials and Technology", "Advanced Inorganic Materials", "Materials Genome", "3D Printing Materials and its Frontier Applied Technology", "Frontier Intelligent Materials", "Electronic Information Materials" and "Organic Optoelectronics". There are 312 invited lecture speakers containing 34 academicians domestic and overseas, over 50 "Thousand Talents" and "Cheung Kong" scholars, and other famous experts with over 1200 attendees which created a new record.

Prof. Xu Zhongzi from Nanjing Tech University hosted the opening ceremony. The chair Academician Zhou Lian, Deputy Director of National Natural Science Foundation Gao Duanping, Deputy Director-general of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province Jiang Hong, Vice President Wang Tiejun from Xi'an Jiaotong University and President and Academician Huang Wei from Nanjing Tech University made the speech for the opening ceremony respectively. There are 15 plenary lectures presented by the top experts in the fields of nano materials, advanced inorganic materials, energy materials, electronic materials, material interface and characterization, material education and so forth. Speakers, host and attendees launched a heated discussion and interaction on the presentation fields, and all reaped no little benefit.

In the closing ceremony, Academician Zhou Lian expressed his exclamation on the rapid development of the materials fields in China. The Forum will continue to optimize its form and topics, and then further expand the international influence. Finally, Academician Zhou Lian concluded three points that the Forum insisted. The first is to insist to show the frontier dynamic state and outstanding achievements of advanced materials via invited lectures. The second is to insist to cultivate the outstanding young scholars. The third is to insist to publicly publish the PPT works and hand out to all the attendees, and try to make the Forum as the platform to lead the development of advanced materials.

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