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永井優 ▍Masaru Nagai
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1987-1990 京都大学高分子化学本科

1991-1995 京都大学高分子化学硕士

2010         近畿大学OLED博士


1995-2000 MEMC株式会社 Si半导体基片开发研究員

2000-2004 TDK株式会社OLED显示开发部门副主任

2000-2004 有機光电子研究院OLED照明开发研究主任

2007-2013 富士電機株式会社OLED显示研究部门主任


Organic Electronic Devices: Polymer Solar Cell (PSC), and, Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Polymer Physics: polymer characterization, and, processing

Micro Analysis: cross-sectional method, and, micro element detection


    Research of polymer solar cells, including morphology control and device optimization, achieved >8% power conversion efficiency. Research and development of color-conversion type OLEDs, achieved higher color-conversion-yield >90% and 100% color gamut. Research of OLED-lightings, including degradation analysis for blue phosphorescent OLEDs. Research, development and manufacturing of color-filter based white OLEDs, achieved the world’s first mass production of full color OLEDs.

    First author paper 10-plus, including single author ones 8. Patents 60-plus. Book 1, on color-conversion type OLEDs, which has been accessed more than 7000 times in the open site.


1. Masaru Nagai, “Effect of Molecular Weight and Conformation on Photo Luminescence Quantum Yield of Fluorene/MEH–PPV Copolymers,”ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol.,2, R218 (2013)

2. Yoshinori Aoyama, Toshihiro Yamanari, Nagatoshi Koumura, Hiroto Tachikawa, Masaru Nagai*, Yuji Yoshida,“Photo-induced oxidation of polythiophene derivatives: Dependence on side chain structure,”Polym. Degrad. Stab., 98, 899 (2013)

3. Masaru Nagai, “High Performance Color Conversion Polymer Films and their application to OLED devices,” in:Polymer Thin Films, ed. A. A. Hashim, 217 (2010, In Tech Press, Viena)

4. Masaru Nagai,“Substrate cleaning methods for fabricating OLEDs and its effect on current leakage defect formation,”J. Display Technol., 5, 126 (2009)

5. Masaru Nagai* and Hisakazu Nozoye, “Crystallization and Aggregation Processes of TPD films,”J. Electrochem. Soc., 154, J239 (2007) 

6. Masaru Nagai,“Impact of Particulate Contaminants on Current Leakage Defect in OLED devices,” J. Electrochem. Soc., 154, J387 (2007)

7. Masaru Nagai,“Defects in passivation films for the Color-Filter based OLED devices and their effects on dark spot formation,”J. Electrochem. Soc., 154, J65 (2007)


1. Masaru Nagai*and Yuji Yoshida, 2012, “Organic Thin Film Solar Cell and Method for Manufacturing same,”JAPAN patent No. 2012-169236 (Assigned to Fuji Electronics and AIST) 

2. Miyako Hitomi, Masaru Nagai*, Masateru Konishi, Yuji Yoshida and Jyun Masuda, 2012, “Flexible Organic Thin Film Solar Cell Modules,” JAPAN patent No. 2012-159158 (Assigned to Fuji Electronics and AIST)

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4.Masaru Nagai*and Yuji Yoshida, 2012, “Organic Thin Film Solar Cell Modules and Method for Manufacturing same,” JAPAN patent No. 2012-253097 (Assigned to Fuji Electronics and AIST) 

5. Masaru Nagai, 2010, “Color Conversion Film comprising Conjugated High-Molecular-Weight Copolymer, and Multi-Color-Emitting Organic EL Device using the same,” JAPAN patent No. 2010-521641 (Assigned to Fuji Electronics ) 

6. Masaru Nagai and Li Chong, 2010, “Color Conversion Film using Conjugated High-Molecular-Weight Copolymer, and Multi-Color-Emitting Organic EL Device using the same,” JAPAN patent No. 2010-22375 (Assigned to Fuji Electronics ) 

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