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报告题目:The application of chemical looping for carbon capture and fuel conversion 

报告人:刘汶  教授

邀请人:张伟娜  研究员




Chemical looping represents a class of novel processes that split conventionally homogeneous, sometimes catalytic reactions, into multiple steps, which are performed in multiple reactors. By doing so, the thermodynamic efficiency of the process can be significantly improved by (i) removing the need for product removal, (ii) precise control of the redox environment and (iii) separately activating reactants at preferential conditions.However, the design and engineering of economically viable, thermodynamically feasible, kinetically reactive and cyclically durable looping materials remains the most challenging task for the advancement of chemical looping technologies. In this seminar, the design considerations associated with the engineering of high performance oxygen carriers will be briefly discussed. We will introduce some of the computational tools that can be used to aid the design of novel oxygen carriers.


Dr Liu Wen (Paul) is a reaction engineer specialising in carbon capture, chemical looping and methane conversion processes. Dr Liu completed his undergraduate training as a chemical engineering at University of Cambridge. He stayed on to do a PhD with John Dennis, who leads the Combustion Group at Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. After spending some time at the Department of Engineering as a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Stuart Scott, Paul joined the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES) in 2014, as a senior research fellow affiliated with NTU. He taught chemical engineering at Newcastle University's Singapore campus since 2016 and re-joined NTU in 2018. Dr Liu’s main research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, chemical looping applications and carbon capture and utilisation technologies.

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