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剑桥大学 Tawfique Hasan博士学术报告
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报告人:Tawfique Hasan

Functional inks of 2D materials: Strategies for scalable manufacturing of printed optoelectronics and photonics

Abstract:Beyond graphene, non-carbon two-dimensional (2D) crystals have recently shown huge promises for applications in a wide range of optoelectronic devices. Solution processability of these materials offers an exciting opportunity when applications with large form factors are envisaged. As an inevitable extension to this requirement, the ability to formulate their functional inks is of paramount importance for large-scale device manufacturability.

        For ink formulation of these 2D materials, which can be best described as “powders”, solvents and ink rheological properties play a critical role in printing and device fabrication as well as the ultimate device performance [1,2]. Starting with inkjet printing, I will discuss key ink formulation strategies of these novel 2D materials and printed devices. I will show that the choice of unique solvent blends allows us to engineer counteracting the Marangoni flows in drying droplets [2,3]. This enables uniform, reliable inkjet printing towards scalable development of printed electronic, photonic and optoelectronic devices of a range of 2D materials [2-5]. In the latter half of my talk, I will move into printing on conformable substrates as well as scalable, large format print technologies and show that a combination of advanced materials printed by traditional graphics printing and contemporary electronics could promote simple and inexpensive,yet powerful technologies.


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Biography:DrTawfique Hasan is a Reader (Associate Professor/Professor) in Nanomaterials Engineering in the Cambridge Graphene Centre, Cambridge University Engineering Department and holds a concurrent professorship at Nanjing University.

        He is also a Fellow and a Director of Studies in Engineering in Churchill College, Cambridge.

        Before joining as a University Lecturer in Cambridge in 2013, he was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, a Junior Research Fellowship at Kings College, Cambridge and an NSFC International Young Scientist Research Fellowship.

        He leads a research group within the Cambridge Graphene Centre, with core interest in functional ink formulation of 2D materials for printed (opto)electronics, photonicsand wearablesas well as novel porous metal oxide and their hybrids for energy and connected sensor systems.

        Tawfique initiated the field of ultrafast lasers exploiting 2D materials, pioneered the integration of inkjet printed 2D materials with silicon platform for (opto)electronicsand photonics and demonstrated the first industrial scale high speed printing of grapheneink for large area touch surfaces.

        He has published >100 peer reviewed journal articleswith > 13,000 citation and 36 H indexand presented>40 keynote and invited conference talks.

        Tawfique has spun out two start-up companies, one of which was acquired by Versarien plc last year.

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