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英国爱丁堡大学Paul S. Clegg教授学术报告
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报告人:Paul Clegg

Interfacial particles for creating functional materials

Abstract:Nanoparticles and larger colloids can become trapped at liquid interfaces provided they have appropriate surface chemistry. The particles modify the elastic properties, permeability and interactions of the interfaces. As a consequence they are important building blocks for designing delivery technologies and for creating functional materials. For example, this approach has been used to create unique tricontinuous media, growing droplets and capsules which can be switchable or can give burst release. In this talk, I will explain why the particles become trapped and I will show that the novel properties are a consequence of the mesoscale size of the particles.


Biography:Paul Clegg received his BSc degree in Physics from the University of Liverpool (1994) and his PhD from the University of Oxford (2000). Following this he held postdoctoral positions at MIT and the University of Toronto. He then moved to the University of Edinburgh where he is currently a Reader.

Over the past dozen years, Paul has developed a new research strand within the Edinburgh Soft Matter group dedicated to emulsions, liquid interfaces and bijels. With these systems it has been essential to be attentive to preparation routes, an issue which strikes a chord with many who apply soft matter industrially.  Consequently, he currently works on the application of soft materials in various areas including food and drink, agrochemicals and energy technologies. He serves on the Institute of Physics, Liquids and Complex Fluids committee.

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