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昆士兰科技大学Liangzhi Kou博士学术报告
 添加时间:2017/12/18 发布: 管理员



报告人:Liangzhi Kou

Dirac materials and novel properties in 2D limits

AbstractAmong the huge family of 2D materials, graphene is the superstar due to extremely high carrier mobility, high stable and outstanding mechanical strength. One typical feature of graphene is the linear band dispersion near the Fermi level, which render it possess high Fermi velocity and high carrier mobility. The families with the merit are called as Dirac materials.

      From first principle calculations, we found the recent synthesized boron sheet is the stable Dirac layered materials after surface hydrogenation with high Fermi velocity, and outstanding mechanical properties. More interesting, the sheet simultaneously exhibit the phenomena of negative Poisson ratio, ferroelasticity and Dirac switch, therefore rendering borophane promising in future nanodevice application.

       We also suggested that topological insulators are another family of Dirac materials due to the helical metallic edge states. With the feasible approaches, we turn graphene into strong topological insulators with large nontrivial band gaps, and demonstrated the presence of metallic edge states with 1D Dirac cones.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr.Liangzhi Kou, Lecturer of QUT

Birth: 01/Aug/1983

Major: Nano Mechanics/Physics

Email: , liangzhi.kou@qut.edu.au

Research interests

Topological insulators, 2D and 1D layered materials, semiconductor surface and nanostructures, ab initio simulations

Professional experience

Have been an invited reviewer for leading journals in the fields of Material Science, Physics, and Chemistry for over 100 times including, Nat. Chem., Adv. Mater., Nat. Commun., ACS Nano.

Publication Summary

60 high impactac ademic papers have been published, with about1400 citations, including the publications in Nano Lett, ACS Nano; Adv. Mater.; J. Phys. Chem. Lett; Detailed publication list can be found at 谷歌 scholar:


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