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巴基斯坦GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology的校长Jehangir Bashar教授及Karimov Khasan教授学术报告
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Abstract of rector’s presentation


A brief description and overview of the GIK Institute, including its structure, academic and other activities, study areas, available infrastructure facilities, student and faculty activities and industrial and international linkages are presented. This will set the stage for a discussion on the possibility of further collaboration between our two institutions.



Abstract of Karimov’s  presentation
Organic semiconductors/materials and devices

Our research covers a variety of fundamental and applied topics on organic materials and devices for future electronics. Our interest in this topic is motivated by the potential of organic electronics to greatly impact the future semiconductor
industry by low-cost, high diversity and low power consumption. Following are few examples of our research in organic semiconductor materials and devices
Quasi-one-dimensional organic semiconductor triphenyl-methyl-phosphonium teracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) crystals were investigated under hydrostatic pressure. Changes in conductivity and thermo power were observed due to the change in energy gap in the samples and phase transformation.

Tensile resistive effect in triphenyl-methyl-phosphonium TCNQ twinned crystals was investigated. A strong dependence of resistance on strain observed is considered due to the influence of defects on conductivity in twinned quasi-one –dimensional crystals.

Photo-thermo-electrochemical effect in n-InP/aqueous solution of orange dye/C cell was observed. It was found that open-circuit voltage and short circuit current increases with increase in intensity of light and accordingly temperature of electrolyte (OD). With increase of concentration of the OD the efficiency of the cell is observed increased.

Flexible elastic strain sensors were fabricated based on CNT (carbon nano tubes) composite for the estimation of heart rate. The sensors were made in the form of Wheatstone bridge.  A porous rubber was used as a substrate. The sensors showed high sensitivity to the strain. Practically sensors stability to the effect of temperature and humidity, makes these useful for medical applications.  




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