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IOP Publishing Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Executive Editor, Thomas Miller博士报告
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报告题目:Publishing your research demystified



Dr Thomas Miller


Dr Thomas Miller is Publisher for Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. He has worked at IOP Publishing for more than 10 years and has been a publisher for more than 7. He has worked on many titles including Nanotechnology, Superconductor Science and Technology and recently became the Executive Editor for Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.


Publishing your research demystified
Tom Miller

Publisher for Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Publication of research, including peer-review, is a vital and integral part of the scientific process. It remains the best method for disseminating and validating new knowledge in an open manner. However, for many researchers, the process can be unclear and somewhat daunting.

Aimed at PhD students, post-docs and other early career researchers, Dr Thomas Miller will be describing the publication process and offering hints and tips on how to get your work published. He will also outline what IOP Publishing and JPhysD can do to promote your research and give your work the most visibility possible. This will be followed by a question and answer session, where he will happy to answer any questions you might have about publishing your research.



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