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Innovations in White OLED Technology for Displays and Solid-State Lighting Applications

Dr. T. K. Hatwar

Senior Member, Society of Information Displays
Rochester, NY 4526, U.S.A.

OLED display technology with features of wide viewing angle, fast response time, high contrast ratio, excellent color reproduction, wide temperature range operation and flexibility has resulted in worldwide corporate and academic R&D activities. Since last few years, OLED technology has entered from R&D into commercial products. It is gaining market acceptance into displays for smart phones, OLED TVs and also white architectural lighting. White OLED technology, in particular, is becoming the preferred emission format for both displays and lighting applications. Consideration of white OLEDs with integrated color filters on TFT substrates for manufacturing large-area AMOLED displays is mainly due to expected high yield and low unit manufacturing cost and has been used in 55” HD TV from LG Displays. White OLEDs also can be used for general lighting illumination and best suited for Solid State Lighting because of the naturally uniform diffuse OLED light emission, outstanding color rendering index (CRI), environmental friendliness (green technology) and possibility of roll-to roll deposition on the flexible substrate for mass production. However, high manufacturing cost and lower performance as compared to LED lighting is limiting the acceptance of White OLEDs in the market place and are key focus of the activities for OLED lighting. In this presentation, Dr. Hatwar will give an overview of his work in developing very high performance White OLED architectures and its applications to next-generation displays and lighting. He will also describe his work on the development of Scalable Low Cost Integrated Anode Plate using Low Cost Soda Lime Glass, Internal Light Extraction Out-Coupling technology and transparent anode that has a potential to reduce the manufacturing cost of OLED lighting.


Short Biography:

Dr. T. K. Hatwar is a Senior Member of the SID. Recently, he was a Chief Scientist at Guardian Industries, and Senior Principal Scientist at Eastman Kodak. He is working in the OLED area since 1997, developing advanced architectures and formulations for the OLED flat-panel and solid state lighting applications. His work involved all phases of OLED technology, from basic research on organic materials, device architectures, and stability improvements, to the development of manufacturing technologies for high-volume production. He was part of team that developed world’s first 2.5" full-color AMOLED display based on RGB pixilation, later the 15" display AMOLED based on white technology and color filter array, and 14.1" high gamut full-color AMOLED display on the RGBW 4-pixel format and tandem white technology. He has 83 U.S. patents, has authored more than 93 journal publications and three book chapters, and has given many invited talks and short courses at several international conferences. He was inducted into Kodak’s Elite Inventor’s Gallery, received Company’s Team Achievement Awards and prestigious Frost & Sullivan North American OLED Display Technology Leadership Award. He has served on many program committees for International Conference, was also Overseas Member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Information Display (Korea), and an Adjunct Faculty at Rochester Institute Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering Program.   

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