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关于澳大利亚查尔斯达尔文大学David Young教授学术报告的通知
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报告题目:Designing Coordination Polymersfor Selective Chemical and Biological Sensing

报告人:David Young 教授

邀请人:杭晓春 教授




Mother nature detects individual molecules by their shape and functionality. Modern technology can do the same in some instances, but we have so much still to learn. This presentation will discuss how multiple, weak interactions can be used for the selective detection of metal ions, organic and biological molecules using carefully designed coordination polymers.


Professor David Young is the College Dean of the College of Engineering, IT and Environment at Charles Darwin University. He was previously Head of School, School of Science and Engineering at University of the Sunshine Coast and Head of the School of Science and Interim Head of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Monash University Malaysia. He is a chemist with an interest in new materials and has been awarded two national research medals by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Professor Young obtained his PhD from the University of Queensland before postdoctoral training at the University College of North Wales and at Oxford University. He joined University of Sydney as a Senior Tutor, from where he moved to the Queensland University of Technology and then to Griffith University. After 20 years at Griffith, he joined Universiti Brunei Darussalam and was appointed Dean of their Graduate Studies and Research Office. Professor Young holds the honorary post of Visiting Scientist at the A*STAR Institute for Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore, Visiting Professor at Soochow University, China and Adjunct Professor at Monash University. He is the Managing Editor of Journal of Molecular and Engineering Materials.

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