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IAM星火大讲堂第13期:剑桥大学卡文迪许实验室Henning Sirringhaus院士做客IAM星火大讲堂
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报告人:Henning Sirringhaus

报告题目:Charge AND SPIN Transport Physics of Organic Semiconductors


Charge AND SPIN Transport Physics of Organic Semiconductors

Henning Sirringhaus

Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB3 0HE


Over recent years there has been tremendous progress in developing low-temperature, solution-processible organic semiconductors that provide high charge carrier mobilities for both n-type and p-type device operation, good operational stability and other functionalities such as efficient electroluminescene, sensing or memory functions for a variety of applications. We are interested in understanding the spin and charge transport physics of these materials and the relationship between molecular structure, microstructure and spin and charge diffusion. In some state-of-the-art organic semiconductors structural disorder effects can be reduced to a level where it is becoming possible to study the more intrinsic limitations of charge transport in these materials and observe transport regimes that have hitherto not been accessible. In this talk I will give an overview over the physics of molecular and polymer semiconductors and discuss their relevance for applications in large-area electronics, thermoelectrics and spintronics.

Short biography

 Prof. Henning Sirringhaus, FRS, is the Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory and works on the charge transport, photo- and device physics of polymer and molecular semiconductors. He is co-founder of the spin-off companies, Plastic Logic and Eight-19 Ltd, commercializing organic transistor and organic solar cell technology, respectively.




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